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H4H Sustainable Matching Grant

Hens for Haiti offers a matching grant each spring for projects engaged with poultry and sustainable agriculture in Haiti.  Submit your proposal for the 2020 grant season by February 1, 2020 to be considered for funding.

 Contact with questions. 


Hens for Haiti offers many types of support for egg production projects in Haiti.  With lessons learned from initiating a Poulaye in Gros-Morne, members and board of Hens for Haiti have the experience and working relationships necessary to assist other groups start their own!


Explore the first steps in establishing an egg-production facility and the factors to consider when contemplating the endeavor.  After deciding to initiate a Poualye, Hens for Haiti can offer the following services:

First Steps to Build Your Own Poulaye

When building a hen house in Haiti, there are a few factors that need to be considered:
  •  Examine the relationship between the donor organization and the Haitian counterpart.  Communication and accountability are essential.

  • Determine the location of the hen house within the local community. Consider availability of land, security of the property, access to the property, etc.

  • Assess the egg market within the local community: market selling price, current supply chain, weekly demand, etc.

  • Estimate the start-up expenses: purchase of land, complete construction, labor, purchase of laying hens, first 6 months of feed, caretakers, manager, and other production costs.

Hens for Haiti offers:
  • Technical expertise on building size, construction, biosecurity, operational considerations and other necessary inputs

  • Translation, staff training, operational monitoring and reporting

  • Relationship with suppliers of hens, feed, equipment, etc. and production experience

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